A data language as simple as JSON but as readable as YAML or TOML.
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2022-01-09 15:10Add parsing numbersCharlie Stanton3+73-2
2021-10-05 15:09Add necessary includes to cudl.hCharlie Stanton1+3-0
2021-10-04 18:19Remove debug code mistakenly left inCharlie Stanton1+0-4
2021-10-04 13:11Add string and map parsing. Currently no support for the schema variants of the syntax for these typesCharlie Stanton4+363-6
2021-10-03 20:31Add testing code and fix a few bugsCharlie Stanton6+51-25
2021-10-03 17:57Complete parser with arrays, bools and nulls. Create empty testing fileCharlie Stanton5+187-37
2021-10-03 15:40Add CUDL definition documentsCharlie Stanton4+168-0
2021-10-01 20:02Add reading from a fileCharlie Stanton1+27-1
2021-10-01 19:07Changes approach to be more understandableCharlie Stanton1+34-47
2021-10-01 16:29Initial commitCharlie Stanton2+73-0